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NCG - GIN / Baarda Lecture

In 2004 the NCG awarded the Prof. Baarda lecture set. The biennial lecture has been given during the GIN symposium since 2006. As of 1-1-2014, the NCG was succeeded by the Netherlands Center for Geodesy and Geoinformatics foundation (the NCG). The NCG has taken over the initiative for the Baarda lecture and will try to hold the lecture once a year. Since the GIN symposium was merged into the GeoBuzz congress on 1-1-2014, the lecture was given there in 2015. Since 2016, the NCG itself has been organizing an annual study day/symposium where PhD students can present their research. The Beard lecture, but also the Tienstra Research Prize, has been part of this study day/symposium ever since.

For the Baarda lectures after 2013 see "Study Days", "Downloads", under the various items regarding "NCG Symposium and year".

The first prof. Baarda lecture was given in February 2004 by Prof. Reiner Rummel during the symposium 'Customized Earth' on the occasion of the 125th anniversary of the NCG. To this end, the NCG also regularly organized lectures.


Professor Tao Cheng (University College London), Prof. Baarda lecture at the NCG Symposium 2022 on 26 April 2022 at Wageningen WICC

The topic of GeoAI has risen to prominence in recent years as a field of study that applies the latest methods from computer science, such as deep learning, to geospatial problems. While GeoAI methods have had great success in image processing tasks due to their natural applicability to raster data, their application to other spatial and spatiotemporal data types remains underexplored.

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