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Baardalezing 2018 door professor Timothy Dixon

Baardalezing 2018

Op 29 november vindt het NCG symposium plaats bij de WUR in Wageningen.

Onderdeel van het symposium is de Baardalezing. Dit jaar wordt de Baardalezing gegeven door professor Timothy Dixon van de School of Geosciences van de universiteit  van South Florida.

Titel van de Baardalezing 2018 en een korte samenvatting:

Geodesy Serving Society: Geodetic Applications in Natural Hazards and Climate Change Research

Rapid improvements in measurement technology, satellite platforms and computing power have greatly enhanced the ability of Geodesy to forecast and mitigate a variety of natural and human-caused hazards, including earthquakes, volcanic eruptions, and subsidence, as well as flooding associated with storm surge and high rainfall events. Climate change and associated sea level rise are already exacerbating flood-related disasters, and the costs to society will increase in the future.  Geodesy is becoming increasingly important in climate change research, and can also contribute to public outreach and education in this area through its ability to provide compelling visualizations of natural processes.  In this lecture, I will review some of these contributions, using examples from GRACE, GPS, InSAR, Structure from Motion, and Terrestrial Radar Interferometry, and discuss future improvements.

Laatst aangepast op maandag, 01 oktober 2018 09:06

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