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Activity: Creating Interactive Online Maps Workshop

Recipient: Donglian Peng

This workshop tries to reduce the gap between owning some map data and publishing an interactive online map.

In the field of geodesy and geo-information, scientists have made a lot of multi-scale maps for different purposes. These maps are important for people to access the geographical information. Quite often, people need to download the map data and visualize it via a piece of software, which is inconvenient and uninteractive. It would be much easier for people to obtain the geographical information if the map would be published online and would be interactive (e.g., OpenStreetMap). However, extra technologies and knowledge are needed to make available the interactive online maps.

The online workshop was held on November 5th 2020 as part of the NCG Symposium 2020 with 34 participants. More information is available from: https://pengdlzn.github.io/events/interactive-online-maps/ .

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